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To defend from predators’ attacks, termites build their own burrow using a mixture of wood and secretions that make the walls as hard as concrete. Only a few animals are able to break down this protective barrier. Chimpanzees, on the other hand, select long and flexible twigs which they carefully clean from the leaves in order to deceive the termites in their nest. These isoptera, when convinced they are under attack, send their soldiers to defend the nest. As a result, when they lock their powerful jaws on the twig, they get stuck on it and the chimpanzee pulls out its delicious bite full of protein!
In Brazil, in the Sierra da Capivara National Park, there is a species of primate, the black-striped Capuchin which, in order to eat various types of nuts that grow in its habitat, had to think up to a very intelligent system: it learned to break shells. In fact, the shell of the nuts of this area is too hard to scratch with teeth. Therefore, this species had to learn to break it by placing the walnut on a stone or on a tree root and hit it with another stone or with a branch.
It is truly incredible but the example helps us understand how, in nature, animals use the most suitable tools to achieve their goals. They don't just use this tools, they may even produce them.
For all living beings, one of the main drives is right to seek the best tools to achieve their goals. To achieve your goals more easily, FBF Italia offers an interesting range of tools. The Buffalo series, for example, provides a wide range of homogenizers suitable for a variety of production needs, even for laboratories. The two versions of lab homogenizers have been developed and manufactured to meet the technical requirements for the most demanding studies. The components are tested through rigorous stress tests to ensure reliability and, above all, scalability. Furthermore, the compact design, low noise and reduced vibrations, allow the homogenizer to be placed on any workbench and in any layout. Please contact us or contact our resellers for more information!