Buffalo Series

Positive Displacement Piston Pumps

At a glance, the main difference between a positive displacement piston pump and a homogenizer, is the lack of homogenizing chambers. Typically, p.d. piston pumps are used in the heat treatment systems for very dense products, such as fruits and tomatoes. The constant flow of the pump is indicated in m/sec.

A typical application for this category of equipment is the treatment of fruit or tomato purée. These products goes through a sterilization/pasteurization piping before getting to the p.d. pump. The viscosity of the product treated can vary. Other typical uses relate the canning sector, especially for fruit concentrates, and powdered products such as eggs and powdered milk. Very often, positive displacement pumps are required for "spray-dry" treatments requiring the micronization of the product into tiny molecules that are dispersed in a tank.

The atomizing pressure is a fundamental data to size the pump up. The customer can request the optimal spray pressure to obtain the ideal product’s atomization. The constructions criteria used for manufacturing the p.d. pumps are the same as those used for homogenizers, therefore assuring high quality standards compliance.

Since it is not possible to include a table containing positive-displacement dimensions please contact our Technical Department for further details.