Homogenizing process advantages

Homogenizing Principle

To permanently mix one or more substances in a liquid, it is necessary to use a homogenizer that allows micronizing and dispersing the suspended particles in the fluid. The treatment makes the product’s chemical composition highly stable even during subsequent treatments and storage.

The product reaches the homogenizing valve at low speed and high pressure. A violent acceleration of the liquid, followed by an immediate deceleration causes cavitation, a phenomenon which creates inner vapor globules that will eventually collapse. The treated liquid is also impacted by an intense turbulence and by high frequency vibrations originating from the passage through the homogenizing valve and causing a consequent collision with the impact ring.

Homogenizers can have a single or a double stage homogenizing chamber. Double stage homogenizers are used for treating specific fat products to prevent the fatty globules’ ri-aggregation after the first stage treatment. The homogenizing valves are assisted by a special auxiliary hydro-pneumatic unit which ensures precision and accuracy.