FBF North America

FBF North America was established to expand the FBF Italia worldwide network to the United States and Canada. The presence of FBF North America allows FBF Italia to bring more than 30 years of experience in homogenization and expertise in processing systems to the North American market.  In addition, FBF Italia has earned 3A Certification, which means that our homogenizers and positive displacement pumps can be manufactured to US FDA 3A Sanitary Standards.
FBF North America provides sales, service, and spare parts to all North American customers.  Hard work, commitment and dedication made it possible and we are proud to be able to serve the U.S. and Canadian markets.


FBF Italia

Since 1987, FBF ITALIA has designed and manufactured high pressure homogenizers and positive displacement piston pumps. Our leadership and industry expertise are proven by a worldwide presence. We successfully serve over 125 countries through 22 authorized service and sales centers. Our commitment to our customers is supported by high quality products, wear resistant components, and effective service programs. We are a key partner to engineering companies, process systems integrators, manufacturers and end users working in a variety of industries such as dairy, ice cream, food, beverage, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. The basis of our success is the direct relationship established with our customers, a bond which continues to grow and evolve. Continuous innovation, strict quality controls and stress tests are just a few tenets of our philosophy which guarantee the high quality and reliability of our products.  


Our machines are engineered and manufactured with wear-resistant components, to ensure a long lifetime, reduced maintenance costs, increased efficiency, and significantly reduced downtimes associated with equipment breakdowns.
Extensive quality testing, including X-Ray scanning of machined components, the continuous selection of special materials and the use of high quality OEM parts, ensure the manufacture of state-of-the-art machines. Skilled workers, rigorously test all the manufactured machines by simulating the actual working conditions. Cycle tests last over 12 hours and the units do not require further calibration when integrated into the customer’s processing system.


Getting Closer To Our Customers

Our sales, service, and technical support in the United States and Canada includes very prepared strategic partners. Our business philosophy is based upon establishing multiple regional centers that can efficiently meet customer needs in a timely manner. This includes sales support, service, repairs, and preventive maintenance. Our goal is to grow with the customer, become a problem-solver and a reliable partner. Our efforts are geared towards responding to all of customer’s needs and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. Therefore, we recognize the importance of developing a service and repair network, as well as maintaining spare parts inventory on the territory. We believe that this service model will ensure the ongoing operations of our customer's plants and minimize downtime losses.