Certifications and Manufacturing process

Our product quality verification system is based upon strict checks carried out throughout the whole production cycle.
All mechanical components of homogenizers and pumps are manufactured with high quality certified materials such as special steels, composite steels, stainless steels, and special plastics. 
Specific checks are carried out on all machine's components. Before being used in the manufacturing process, the components are verified on a sample basis and checked on both a mechanical and dimensional stand point. On the biggest metal components which bear the mechanical stress when working at high pressure, X-ray scanning are carried out to verify the complete integrity of the part and the absence of metal impurities that could compromise the mechanical behavior during machine operation. All the parts coming in contact with product are made with materials compliant to 3A certification. These parts are carefully inspected to allow easy washing and cleaning operations even through CIP or other sterilizing systems.
CE and certifications of mechanical and electrical performance are issued to guarantee product's reliability and best performance. The last testing stage requires for every machine to be submitted to the final test (Factory Acceptance Test) to verify full compliance to the customer specifications.


3A Certificate

CE Certificate